Monday, October 7, 2013

best birthday!

Saturday was just the best birthday I think I have ever had!  I was worried when I woke up and not feeling 100%, but after a morning snuggle on the couch with the pups watching my new all time favorite show Orange is the New Black I slowly started to feel better.  My husband was home by 8am from work and were started the day at Bergies (most awesome place) before heading over to the Farmers Market.  Prada was a good girl and enjoyed when some one stopped to pet her.  A little bummed out that the vegan food truck wasn't there, but we made due with bagels. My co-workers made me a special Rick Springfield tee shirt that I wore and I loved the women who would freak out when they saw it.  Too funny how many of us old crazy ladies there are out there!  I think the sales lady at Old Navy even gave me an extra discount when I was there (she went on and on about how much her friend loved Rick too).  LOL!

Later that morning it was time to get my hair done!!  With it being Fall I was ready to do something fun and crazy.  So, colored my hair a darker red and chopped it off!!  OMG, so in love with it.  J says he likes it to. :)  However my little 3-legged Cavalier won't stop barking at me!  LOL!  He hid from me all day Saturday.

With hot new hair J and I got cleaned up for the evening and first stop - Postino's!  Beer, wine, was heaven!  We really need to spend more time at this place now that the weather is nice.

Next, dinner (well vegan nachos and cake) at Pomegranate CafĂ© (best vegan place!!). I scored a free slice of cake for my birthday too.  Up next - Rick Springfield!!

I think I was 16 or 17 last time I saw Rick and to be honest, felt a little weird going to see him as he's 64 years-old now!!  HOWEVER, best show ever!!  I think he was BETTER than when I saw him 20+ years ago. I had SO much fun, all around greatest day ever!!  Thank you to my husband and kids for making it such a special day.  Turning "35" really wasn't that painful!  My sweet Cavalier Steeler also had a birthday and turned the big THREE.  Happy b-day Steeler!! I love this little guy SO much!! xoxo

Here are some pics from the day and tomorrow I will have a new recipe to share as well -

Prada and I waiting on J to bring us bagels!

My before hair
and after hair!



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